Verizon Phone Package for FMCA Members

Your Adventure Awaits

Don't leave your friends and family behind. Now it's easier than ever to share the fun and stay connected with reliable internet access on the go. FMCA negotiated this special deal just for members.

What you get: 
✔ Get a mobile hotspot for $.01 with a 2-year agreement when you sign up for the $49.99/month Verizon Mobile Broadband Plan (plus taxes and fees).
✔ Unlimited data*
✔ Enjoy up to 25GB of high-speed data each month. Data speeds for usage in excess of 25GB will be reduced for the remainder of the billing period.
Active FMCA membership is required. FMCA dues must be paid in full for the 2-year contract period at the start of the service period. This is an online offer only; FMCA staff is not authorized to sign up members for the plan. Members must sign up via the online portal
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* Throughput of data speeds will be limited should 25GB of data be used within a given bill cycle.
Verizon surcharges (incl. Fed. Univ. Svc. of 18.8% of interstate & int’l telecom charges (varies quarterly), 21 cents Regulatory & $1.23 Administrative/line/mo., & others by area) are not taxes (details: 1.888.684.1888); gov’t taxes & surcharges could add 7%–46% to your bill. IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: Subject to VZW Agmts, Calling/Data Plan & credit approval. Up to $175 early termination fee. Offers & coverage, varying by svc, not available everywhere; see